Coding Projects


I have built, or will build each project from Wes Bos's 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge. Learn More at

Project Description My Notes
JavaScript Drum Kit Build a simple drum kit which can be controlled by the keyboard. I found this project fun and interesting. While the original project was just to make this interactive with keyboard input only, I decided to expand on it myself, and add click functionality as well
JavaScript Clock Build a simple clock using CSS which updates automatically using Javascript. This was a quick but neat project that I had fun with. I expanded on the original idea a bit by changing the hands from all being the same size to matching a traditional analog clock -- Hour shortest/fattest, minute long/average, second longest/thinnest.
Update CSS Variables with JS Create a 'photo/frame editor' using sliders (inputs) and a color picker for which the values will be updated by Javascript. This was a quick but neat project that I had fun with. I didn't see any quick/easy expansions for this one, but I may revisit later to take a deeper dive.
Array Cardio Day 1 Follow along in the console with some Array exercises. This was a quick but neat project that I enjoyed. It reinforced a lot of the principles I already understood well, and introduced some new ones.
Flex Panel Gallery Create a Flex Panel Gallery using CSS and minimal JS. This was a relatively brief project, which didn't require a ton of JS and focused primarily on manipulating the CSS classes of objects using JS. I did not have much time to mess around with expanding on this.
Type Ahead 👀 Create a type-ahead search with context-highlighting using JavaScript and CSS. This one was pretty fun, I enjoyed what I was building as much as how. I didn't find much room for expansion right away, but I think I'll have some fun with this one later.